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Protection for You and Your Family

Life Insurance Coverage to Help Supplement Retirement:

  • Life insurance for death or disability
  • Waiver of premium to fund plan if disabled
  • Tax-deferred annuity option
  • Flexible annuity option (can be set up as tax free ROTH IRA)

Accidental Medical Expense

  • Guaranteed-issue accident insurance
  • 24-hour coverage on and off the job
  • No occupational restrictions
  • No coordination of covered benefits with any other insurance
  • Renewable for life
  • Choice of benefit levels $2500/$5000/$7500
  • Deductible choices $100/$250/$500
  • Catastrophic Accident Loss
  • Accidental death benefit

Critical Illness Life Insurance Coverage:

  • Can pay a cash lump sum following a diagnosis of a covered critical illness up to $250,000
  • Can pay 100% of the life insurance face amount for heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, organ transplant
  • Can pay direct to you in addition to any other benefits
  • Can provide the option of a Family Rider to cover spouse and children
  • Includes a death benefif

Accident Only Insurance Benefit:

  • Can pay cash benefits for medical treatment of a qualified injury
  • Can pay for an accidental injury occurring off the job
  • Can pay in addition to any other benefits including workers comp
  • Can provide coverage on and off the job; you can also add family members
  • Can pay monthly disability up to $1200 per month

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