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About Employer's First ChoiceEFC


Employer's 1st Choice Insurance Services, has partnered with
IA American Life to bring over 140 years of combined experience to the payroll deduction market serving city, county and school district employees with quality voluntary benefits and superior service.


Public pensions, retiree health benefits even health benefits for current employees are under attack. We don't know what the future holds but experts tell us that benefit levels are certain to decrease which means significant increases in out-of-pocket costs to employees going through medical challenges and the possibility of reduced pensions as public entities struggle to meet their pension obligations.


In the midst of continued benefit uncertainty, the workplace has emerged as an important venue for personal insurance and savings products. Employees are eager to participate in a variety of voluntary insurance and savings products as part of their financial safety net.


Our partnerships with various employee associations and recognized employee organizations give us the ability to offer public employees significant discounts and savings on everyday services and merchandise. Those savings can potentially pay the cost of voluntary benefit products and supplemental retirement products.


IA American life, health and tax deferred annuity products can add incredible value to an existing core benefit package.

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